i open my mailbox and glance eagerly inside, my hands sifting through the electronically addressed envelopes.  bill, bill, someone offering a credit card, some unknown college. my heart then skips a beat (or two, or three) as my fingertips discover a worn envelope with my name penned so neatly in the center.  the top right corner includes the words santa barbara and the stamp is pasted neatly on the edge.  i weigh the parcel in my hand, subconsciously guessing the number of pages i knew would be covered in his tidy capitals.  i then rush home, looking absurd on my smallest brother's razor scooter.  one hand on the bar, the other grasping my letter.  i rush into my house and settle on the couch, running my fingers over my name and slowly under the seal.  the lined paper lies innocently folded in the envelope, and when i begin to read the letter that begins with the two words, "hey, love" i'm home again.



c'est la vie.

hello everyone! because i have been awful, awful i tell you, at keeping up kyle's blog, i created a new one just for his mission.  this way, i'll actually know what's going on because i formatted it, causing me to post more.


please follow this here blog. (click the "here" click the "here!")


in a crowded place, i see just your face.

i received some videos from the boy i love today.  i've never heard a better rendition of "i hope they call me on a mission." he makes me smile in every single situation.  he is my other half.

everyone, send your prayers to my socal boy.  help him feel our warmth from miles away.
thanks a bunch and a half.


when i saw him, felt the room divide into pieces,
oh, the lights danced around us just like stars in the sky.


new year's resolution: wear more red lipstick.

i feel like i need to begin this post with this here phrase: happy twenty-twelve! there.

continuing on.  did anybody watch the bachelor last night? well, i did.  i'm definitely a strong advocate of the bachelor.  i mean seriously, who doesn't get addicted to that drama?  every girl and most men claim to the bitter end they are too sophisticated or classy or grown up to watch the immature drama of the bachelor.  i would say the high majority of those people are lying.  i'll be the first to say that i adore it.  every monday night i eagerly sit by the telly awaiting the satisfying drama. goodness me.

last night, though, was extremely dramatic.  i found myself slapping my own forehead and exclaiming, "oh my golly gosh, are those women serious?" multiple times.  let's recap.  first, there's the obviously psycho girl, i think her name is jenna, that has already been labeled as the overly-dramatic-in-the-bathroom-cryer for good reason.  heavens woman! it's the first night and you're already sobbing and talking to yourself in the bathroom, so much that you almost missed the rose ceremony? can you spell p.s.y.c.h.o?  you're not helping yourself, darling.  pull it together!  then, second, there is the quite-possibly-a-lesbian-woman from utah.  thanks for giving our pride state such a wonderful name! disclaimer: utah women aren't usually lesbians, trust me.  third, ben keeps them both on! what in the world? if one's an emotional wreck and another's a lesbian on the first night, you send them home! common sense! i was flabbergasted, amazed, in awe! this show is going to be the death of me, i swear.

watch the bachelor.  please.  it won't disappoint.


ring, ding, diddly.

i have a new obsession with rings.  ahem.  enjoy.

feel free to buy me any of these, really.