the heart of life.

life's natural highs. according to brittani.
.waking up and realizing you still have a couple hours left to sleep
.watching a movie in sweats and a t-shirt
.eating warm cookies
.wearing pretty dresses
.receiving letters
.feeling like you belong
.someone being proud of you
.jumping through crunchy leaves
.getting an assignment done on time
.bubble baths
.holding hands
.the words "i love you"
.drinking hot cocoa
.best friends
.laughing so hard you cry
.loving and living and learning

"pain throws your heart to the ground, love turns the whole thing around, no, it won't all go the way it should, but i know the heart of life is good."



and the world spins madly on.

and so i've decided. i'm having a winter wedding.



748 miles.

ventura, california. ventura, california. ventura, california.

ventura, california is where he's going. 748 miles away. for 730 days. that's 24 fast sundays. that's 104 weeks. that's so many seconds and minutes and hours that i am going to be away from him and he's going to be away from me. it's two years of letters and notes and little packages and thoughts about how he's doing and where he is and what he's thinking.  that's 24 months of my secret conflicting wishes that he's thinking of me and his duty at the same time.  that's 17,520 hours of baking cookies that will taste like tin by the time they get to him, traveling to california and wishing that i could see him, school with boys that i pretend to like. it's college, it's family, it's changing dreams and changing culture. it's new movies that i won't see with him and sentences that i'll have to hold in my immediate "that's what she said" because he's the only one who understands. it's the absence of his cologne and the farewell to his constant guitar playing. it's the text messages that lower and the free phone minutes that raise. it's the concerts with different people that i don't know how to sing around, and the tim mcgraw loving that will seem to disappear. it's two entire years. two years that everything will change.

it's two years we can make it through, me in the snow and him on the beach. it's two years that will make me better at letter-writing and package sending. it's two years of figuring out myself and him becoming a bigger man. it's only two years. it's only 24 fast sundays and 17,520 hours. it's only that long.

only two years and 748 miles.



hello, homecoming.

hey everybody,

i'm not getting asked to homecoming, and i'm very okay with that. (okay, okay, you caught me. i might be a little tiny bit bitter. but not that bad, alright?) but. i did go to two homecomings last year which means i'm basically an expert, right? just agree with me to make me feel good. thanks. well, since we have universally established that i have expertise in homecoming dress shopping, i obviously know how difficult it is to find a homecoming dress. (it's really stressful, promise. i even cried last year. cried. because of freakin' anthropologie. but that's besides the point.) so, this is to help all the girls that have been asked to homecoming find a dress that is a) unique b) adorable and c) not expensive. 

happy homecoming to you all.

love, brittani

p.s. for tons and tons of cute dresses, go here, here, here, and here.

one exquisite evening dress

all you know is love dress

scribble, stitch, and style dress

rosedust dress

arabesque beauty dress

from dusk till dawn dress

crumpets and cream dress

title sequins dress



bend, not break.

sometimes life throws you a curve-ball and you're left sitting in wonderment with no idea what to do. recently, (and i know it's kind of pathetic that this realization was recent, considering i am seventeen years old), i realized that the scriptures really help. always. every single time. i love the knowledge that no matter what's going wrong, the answer is in that book. i am so thankful for this wonderful resource in my life. anyway, thanks for listening. i saw this directory on one of my bestest friend's blog and really liked it. use it, it's awesome.