tuesday tunes.

here's a list of tuesday tunes to brighten your day!

1. brighter than sunshine... aqualung
2. sweet louise... the bell brigade
3. the engine driver... decemberists
4. shell games... bright eyes
5. you're so pretty... field music
6. white winter hymnal... fleet foxes
7. no one's gonna love you... band of horses
8. surprise, surprise... brett dennen
9. happiness is all the rage... the promise ring
10. a mind of her own... pedro the lion

hope you all are having a wonderful tuesday.


ps, i'm making mixtapes for my car because it's old and doesn't have a ipod jack.  hooray for mixtapes!  i think i'll like those better, anyway.

me&nolan. lone peak prom 2011.

prom was so fun! nolan is a little stud.

series of events:
1. went golfing. (where i accidentally did one good "drive" and hit katie in the arm.  sorry katie.) basically, we both sucked at golfing, so we resorted to going off jumps with our golf cart. it was a ball.
2. ate lunch at subway.
3. went home to get all primped for the dance.
4. picked up and drove with nolan, blake, and katie to jace's house.
5. met up with the rest of our small group (ty and rylee, miranda and jace) to get pictures with our big group.
6. went to jace's house where a limo picked us up.
7. drove up to tucanos with the neon mood lights, making toasts and listening to rock way too loud.
8. ate at tucanos. a lot of meat! it was way good though. lots of laughs.
9. arrived at the dance and danced like there was no tomorrow.
10. picked up our fire&ice at the door and tested it out.
11. went to jace's to watch a movie.  all of us ended up hitting the wall at approximately one o'clock.  long night.
12. dropped off at home. door step scene uneventful, if you know what i mean. ha.

in conclusion, prom was amazing! i couldn't have asked for a better date! 


all you need is love, love, love is all you need.

all i'm going to say is,
love is all you need.


**photos via. butterflyflys.blogspot.com and allposters.com


i'm possible.

nothing is impossible.  in fact, the word itself says
{i'm possible}
-Audrey Hepburn



the beauty of music.

dear world.
music is one of the greatest beauties ever created.  it brings you joy, it shows who you are, it is the perfect symbol of peace and serenity.  music is the glue that holds the world together.  to show patriotism, we make music.  to show love, we make music.  to show feelings, we make music.  to show anger, we make music.  to calm down, we use music.  to pump up, we use music.  to feel the spirit, we use music. music is something that touches your soul more than most words can alone.  

today, too many people fake their music choice because of style. they want to be like everybody else, they want to fit in a certain style, they want a certain boy to like their interests.  they fake their music because they want to fit in. popularity is not worth compromising the thing that makes you you. music.

i challenge the world to listen to the music YOU like.  not the music your crush listens to, not the music the world listens to, not the music one particular clique or style listens to, listen to what you love.  music will free your soul and inspire and enlighten your existence.


*Picture via realsimple.com

ode to journaling.

yesterday i was scrolling through my journal on my computer when i came upon an entry from this year's valentine's day.  the only way i can accurately explain the silliness of this entry is to post it. here it is.  [do you think i'm at all bitter? i don't think so]

       Today is Valentine’s day.  Valentine’s Day is the most inconsequential holiday in the history of holidays.  I ask, why is Valentine’s Day a holiday? Is it to remind eighty percent of the world that they don’t have someone in their lives that will even buy them flowers? Is it to show off your so-called boyfriend to the world just cause you can? Is it an archaic excuse to make out with your boyfriend all day and wear pink froo-froo outfits? I think it is pointless, lame, and sad.
I’m not saying all of this because I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not saying it because nobody will be my secret admirer on this day, I’m saying this because Valentine’s day puts a label on single men and women all over the United States.  High Schools all around America are looking down upon those without Valentines at this very moment. 
The thing we must realize is that being a single man or woman is not a bad thing necessarily.  I don’t see why High School students thrive upon weather or not they have a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Frankly, I think being connected or attached to someone makes life more dramatic and less fun while in high school.  Only a small margin of high school relationships even last, so why do we spend so much time making such a large deal about it?
I think that being single in High School should be smiled upon.  Being single in high school means you can hang out with whoever you want on the weekends, it means you don’t need to monitor who you kiss, it means you can flirt hard core whenever the heck you want.  Being single means you are independent and you don’t have to have someone in your life to feel secure.  Being single means you are self-reliant.  You are someone who doesn’t need this stupidity to feel like you mean something. 
Don’t get me wrong, love is grand.  And I mean that in the most non-cliché way possible.  I just believe that “love” should be saved for when we’re all older.  I think that the word “love” is far too overused in high school.  As much as we all think we know love, most high school students don’t.  Someone to make out with on the weekends is not the definition of love.  Love is a deep strong commitment that you make with someone else and that they make with you.  Love is when you can trust someone with anything, you want to be with them forever, you can be with them 24/7 and never get sick of them.  Love is a word misused and not meant. I believe that the word love should be something special, not something that you say to your next friend with benefits.
So Valentine’s Day.  Instead of loathing the holiday, laugh at it, even though its stupidity might may silence you. On Valentine’s Day, don’t be sad you don’t have a self-proclaimed Valentine, be glad you don’t. Enjoy yourself as a single human being while you can.

**isn't it funny what you find going through your journal? i like it.



for julia, in deep water.

The instructor we hire
because she does not love you
Leads you into the deep water,
The deep end
Where the water is darker—
Her open, encouraging arms
That never get nearer 
Are merciless for your sake.
You will dream this water always
Where nothing draws nearer,
Wasting your valuable breath
You will scream for your mother—
Only your mother is drowning
Forever in the thin air
Down at the deep end.
She is doing nothing,
She never did anything harder.
And I am beside her.
I am beside her in this imagination.
We are waiting
Where the water is darker.
You are over your head,
Screaming, you are learning
Your way toward us,
You are learning how
In the helpless water
It is with our skill
We live in what kills us.

-John N. Morris
and this is what beauty is.  it digs deep inside your soul and tells you this is right.



blogs.  every girl creates one at some point in her life.  most of them end in the same cliche failure, the failure that comes from the yearning to be like every other teenage girl in this day and age.  the difference with this blog is that's not what i'm looking for.  i'm not looking to be the cliche teenage girl who wants the latest fashion, i am not the kind of girl who will copy someone else's blog to look good, i'm not the kind of girl who waits by their computer daily for that one follower.  i'm not that cliche girl. this blog is for me and whoever else wants to listen.  it's for my thoughts and my feelings, about my dreams and my numerous ambitions.  this blog is about me and who i want to be.

i'm the type of girl who really doesn't care what anybody thinks.  i go to school in the clothes i like, even if it means going in a vintage sweater and boots that i purchased for a total of three dollars. i say what i feel when i feel it, because i feel like being fake won't get you anywhere in life.  i believe in the beauty of life.  i believe that everybody can make a difference if they can manage to leave the pressure of being like everyone else.

i believe in being my own.

i am my own.