this is for real this time.

hi, we are moving to a new little home named love, brittani

you are all invited to join me.  in fact, it is very much encouraged.  

i know you're thinking i'll just move back like last time, but i won't.  this time is serious.  i need a move and i need a change.

follow me on the new lovely and i promise you beautiful prizes full of music, fingernail polish, and other items you will probably, actually surely, adore.  hugs and kisses and lots of pretty wishes,


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young and wild and free.

i'm seventeen. and life is just beginning.



i would rather feel like i just got hit by a train than feel nothing at all.  i'm alive. and i'm thankful.

i'm thankful for my friend who asks me if i'm okay just because she feels like something's wrong.  for the bestie who texts me at midnight wondering if i want some del taco.  i'm thankful for long thursday nights in salt lake city filming a music video.  i'm thankful for friday night lifeguard class, for saturday plans at the lake and festival of colors.  i'm thankful for the hunger games.  i'm thankful for my family who listens to all i have to say and lets me cry when i need to. i'm thankful for tangerine chevron tape, for prophets whose talks tell you everything. i'm thankful for prayer.  i'm thankful for where i live, for the all-too-unstable weather, for construction everywhere you turn.  i'm thankful for a warm bed at night, for european chocolate that drowns every sorrow, for coca cola in bottles.  i'm thankful for everything.  right now, right at this moment, i'm most thankful for my heavenly father.  although you may crinkle your eyebrows and subconsciously wonder if i'm pulling the cheesy church card, i am so thankful.  cause no matter how many lemons life gives you, he'll always help you sweeten up your lemonade.



audible "awe."

operation: convince mom and dad i need a puppy is currently in the process of epic failure.  who wouldn't fall into purchasing me a little creature when it looks like this?

it would probably be my best friend, or something, and we'd likely explore the world together.  ah. don't die of cuteness, because i'm about to.

any ideas to help persuade? i'm all ears.



homemaking at its finest.

we shopped, covered my kitchen in neon cake batter, licked beaters, talked about boys, burned chocolate, and experienced multiple marshmallow mishaps. all in all, it was a successful multi-colored, eight and a half pound parcel creating day.

that boy better love this beauty.



happy one hundred, sweetheart.

one hundred down, six hundred and thirty to go.

i adore you with my whole heart.


baby you save me.

my best friend is someone i can always count on.  he's the person i go to when i'm scared or need help.  he's the person i can sit next to in a comfortable silence, the person who tells me i'm pretty even when my hair isn't done, the one who laughs at all my jokes even when they aren't funny.  my best friend sends me letters when he's away, he ships me rings that remind me of him, he tells me stories he doesn't share with anyone else.  my best friend is honest with me in every situation.  he keeps all my secrets safe.  he always knows what to do.  my best friend hurts when i hurt, and i hurt when he hurts.  my best friend kisses my finger when i hit it on something, he sings me songs when i cannot stop crying, he puts his arm around me when i need it most.  no matter when, no matter where, my best friend will be there to pick me up if i'm afraid or in trouble.  my best friend makes me laugh more than anybody else ever could.  he tells me dirty jokes and we laugh at them together until our sides ache.  we sing to the radio and make homemade rootbeer when we feel like it.  my best friend understands me, and never thinks i'm stupid.  he doesn't judge, he doesn't criticize.  no matter the situation, my best friend is my number one fan.  no matter the situation, i'm his number one fan.  my best friend is the most wonderful person in all the world.  he makes me happy, incandescently happy, and i pray every day that i can make him as happy as he has made me.  i hope i can be all he deserves, because he deserves the best. more than the best.  i love him to death.  he's my lover, my other half, my partner in crime; but more than anything, he is my best friend. no matter how far apart we may be, nothing could ever ruin that.



it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

remember mr. rogers? well, it's days like today when just walking outside makes me begin humming "won't you be my neighbor." what is up with all this gorgeous weather? whatever it is, keep it coming because i'm adoring it.  seventy degrees, sunroof open, window down, sunglasses on, tim mcgraw blasting out the window, and some red pants.  it's my type of day. ah, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... won't you be my neighbor?


p.s. can you say holy crap the bachelor season finale is on tonight because that's basically all i'm thinking about.  watch it, i dare you.


i struggle, i know.

listen, everyone.  i have been having some separation anxiety from this here blog.  yes, i know, i'm pretty pathetic.  i was doing so well with something new and writing somewhere different for this new part of life... not.  i was sitting at dinner when my dad explains the cool part of a blog is your past; being able to go back and see what trials you have been through, what challenges you have overcome.  i suppose i agree.  i feel like i have been cheating on daydream, and it's pretty terrible, actually.

so, here's the deal.  i'm moving back! (wow, i've done this before). but, you're all invited.  every new reader, every old reader: you're invited!

also, if you look at my blog but don't follow me, follow me (now). if i get enough followers (which i know i have enough readers from my pageviews), i have an awesome giveaway planned... and who doesn't want an awesome giveaway? that's what i thought.

so, back to where life's intense and probably more dramatic than it should be.


the lazy sunday.

we sleep in long enough that the sunlight streams through our blinds. we listen to the latin pop station on pandora far too loud and dance like we're from south america.  papa makes english muffins and fills our home with the crackling pop of cooking sausage.  it's a bedhead acceptable morning, and it is okay lounge around in your sweats and sing very loudly to the spanish tunes we know.  it's a beautiful lazy sunday.  i'm going to miss this.

panties are a girl's best friend.

as a victoria's secret v.i.p. member, i'm a definite panty activist.  there's nothing better than a new pair of adorable undies.  the lacy hiphuggers, colorful cheekies, and outrageous (oh my, i'm going to say it) thongs are just some of the greatest parts of being a girl.  to put a cherry on top of all this undie-loving, vickies decided to send me a free pair of panties.  how great can life get?

need a little help in the panty department? let me show you around.

the rules of panty buying and wearing.
by brittani finlayson

1. purchase one (or two, or three) pairs of boyshorts.  they may look silly in the panty drawer at victoria's, but they're definitely not silly on.  boyshort panties are the ultimate cross of adorable and comfy.  they're lounging undies at their finest.  the greatest thing about boyshorts is that they're still so adorable, you'll find yourself doing your hair in just your panties so you can sneak a peek.

2. don't know the difference between a v-string and a thong? it's simple.  a v-string shows more, a thong shows a little bit less.  code for: a v-string is up your bum more.  both these undie options are a necessity to any panty wardrobe.  why? might you ask.  well, what are you supposed to do when you wear a pencil skirt or yoga pants and don't want your bum folding in half every step you take? you wear a thong, that's what you do.

3. when in doubt, buy some cheekies.  they're adorable, that's why.

4. never cheat on victoria's. ever.  be loyal to your store and they'll be loyal back.


the do's and definitely do not's of being happy.

do listen to coin laundry by lisa mitchell.
do eat peanut butter m&m's from your lover boy in california.
definitely do not change out of your sweats or blow dry your hair.
do type up your packing list for your next vacation.
do paint your fingernails a lovely coral hue.
definitely do not make your bed.
do date kyle smith. shoot, he's taken. less happiness for you.
do browse j.crew's website.
definitely do not look at the prices.
do write something in your travel notebook.
do say your prayers.
do follow my blog.



daydream has moved, permanently, to thisxisxthexlife.blogspot.com (click here).

i have loved my past years with daydream, but it is time for me to move on to this new stage of life.  daydream has been here through many, many life experiences that i will never forget.  thank you followers and anyone else who reads this for all the support throughout the years.

now for the move! you are all (all of you, i don't even get creeped out if i don't know you and you follow me! how cool is that?) formally invited to move with me! in fact, i encourage it.

i promise to be blatantly honest, to talk too much about cupcake cafes and special fortune cookie recipes.  i promise to finally be completely real and not hold anything back.  i promise to use my own photographs, and i promise to blog often.

goodbye, daydream.