all i know is you said hello, your eyes look like coming home.

he has a smile that tends to light up his entire face, and the entire world.  it's contagious, that smile. when he laughs, it isn't just a little chuckle, his entire body gets into it. he throws his head back in a way that makes everyone smile. he tortures me, really. he looks at me in a way that makes me wonder what in the world it would feel like to kiss him and when he even bumps me, it leaves a trail of fire.  goodness, that boy. honestly, though, i can't even get up the nerve to really talk to him.  maybe it's because he's so perfect. yeah, that's probably why. i don't even know what to say, where to start, what to begin with. until i think of how to spark something, i'll continue hoping he sits by me at dinner and i'll resume thinking of that smile. oh, the smile.

i'm hopeless.

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