life, lately.

one. let me introduce you to my best friend, sydney. she makes me laugh when i'm really sad and we eat brownies together when we're homesick. people ask us if we're sisters and we just laugh cause we'd be fine if we were. we watch the walking dead and tell secrets like we're five. i love her to death.
two. i've been watching the sex in the city marathon all day today. judge me.
three. we swim cal berkely in the morning, and yes, they have been national champions for the past two years.
four. sydney, paolina and i are being the kardashian sisters for halloween. our upperclassmen are trying to teach us how to give the facade that we have boobs. 
five. college is great, my friends are lovely, and life is better when you're hanging out the car window.

have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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